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Membership is available. Please contact us for more information.

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( Member Fee can be used as credit. )

Membership Incentives


Private Wine Cellar (Wine purchased at Member’s pricing must be stored and consumed in Vintage Cave Honolulu.)


Members are eligible for 25% discount on all food and beverage. (Wine will be 30% discount)


Members can invite non-members as member’s guests with or without member’s presence. (Discount will be available only with member’s presence)


Members can use all or some of the facility for private functions. (Charter members given First using Priority)


Members will be invited to The Vintage Cave Investors Club.


Special discounts on Vintage Cave Collection merchandise.

To apply, call us at 808-441-1744

In the case of corporate membership, two members of named corporate can be registered with qualified approval.

Regulations are subject to change by Vintage Cave Honolulu LLC.